Happy Tails
"Kennel, Cattery & Pet Spa"

Our rates are all-inclusive, that means no extra charges for play time, outdoor potty breaks, medications (if in pill/tablet form), or belly rubs!

Cottages $20.00/night (3' x 4' Interior View Room)
Double Occupancy $30.00/night ($10.00 Additional Cat)
Villas $24.00/night (4' x 5' Window View Room)
Double Occupancy $34.00/night ($10.00 Additional Cat)


Deluxe Room $28.00/night (4' x 5' Inside, 4' x 8' Outside)
Double Occupancy $42.00/night ($20.00 Additional Dog)
Luxury Suite $32.00/night (6' x 6' Inside, 6' x 8' Outside)
Double Occupancy $48.00/night ($20.00 Additional Dog)

*All guests are charged for day of arrival regardless of check-in time. Guests will not be charged for day of check-out if picked-up during our AM hours, if picked-up during our PM hours guests will be charged a 1/2 day rate. We accept Cash or Check only. Rates are subject to change without notice.

After Hour Services:

We understand that life can be unpredictable at times. This service may be available for an additional fee at the discretion of the kennel to current Happy Tails Pet Retreat clients only. It can be disrupting to enter the kennel before we open to retrieve a pet or introduce a new pet to the rest who are patiently waiting to get outside. Likewise, even if we are still on the premises after we close, it is not fair to disturb the dogs after they have gotten settled for the night. Please limit to emergency situations, and understand that while we do appreciate your business, we also have our own personal/family time, so please don’t ask us to make exceptions to this policy. Thank you.


Have a smaller pet?
Happy Tails Pet Retreat has accommodations for them as well!


Upon admission for our services, your signature of a contract acknowledges your
awareness and acceptance of these polices. Thank you for your understanding and we
appreciate your trust in our care of your pet.


The accommodations at our retreat are limited, therefore, reservations are required. If a last minute stay is necessary, we will make every effort to meet your needs.

Happy Tails Pet Retreat accepts Checks or Cash only at this time. Deposits are not required to make a reservation; we would appreciate advance notice for any cancellations. A deposit may be required depending on length of stay.

Early or Late Arrivals:
In order to maintain a consistent and reliable schedule for our guests, we ask that clients honor the hours posted. We are here throughout the day beyond "office hours"; however, our time is devoted specifically to our four-legged customers. If our office is closed you will not be able to check-in/out your pet. If you arrive early, please feel free to walk your dogs in our designated stone areas until we have your pets room prepared.Those who are late for a check-in/out will pay $10.00 for every 15 minutes that we remain open, if possible, according to our office clock. If a courtesy call has not been made to our office prior to closing, guests will have to make other arrangements during regular business hours.

Vaccination Requirements:
For the safety of all our guests, the following vaccinations must be up to date. Any guest checking in without proper proof of vaccines will not be accepted for boarding. Vaccines must be given at least 7 days prior to boarding.
Dogs: Distemper, Rabies & Bordetella
Cats: Distemper & Rabies

Medical Conditions:
Guests requiring medications during their stay may be charged a daily medication fee of $2.00-$4.00 per pet, per day. Please inform the retreat staff of any medical conditions.

Optional bathing services are available, for more information please see our “Services” menu. A bath upon check-out is not required during your pets stay at Happy Tails Pet Retreat; all bedding/materials are closely monitored and cleaned throughout the day. Our outside play yards are filled with pea-gravel which stays cleaner and drier than grassy areas during inclement weather. All dogs also have their own private indoor/outdoor covered runs for added space. Puppies and elderly dogs may require a bath if they have trouble adjusting to our schedule. They sometimes have accidents on their bedding and even on themselves. Other dogs may require a bath due to increased urination caused by separation anxiety. This will be addressed upon check-in. *All dogs over 25 pounds, must be able to walk up tub ramp, we are not able to lift them.

Aggressive Pets:
Safety & comfort is our primary concern. Kenneling pets for the first time in a new place can be stressful on some causing even the nicest animal to growl, nip, or even lunge towards. A meet & greet, or even an overnight trial might be in you and your pets best interest. If his/her behavior is an issue they will not be able to board in our facility.

Flea & Tick Prevention:
All guests should be on flea and tick prevention. Guests will be checked for fleas and ticks upon check-in.  If treatment is required, charges will be added to final bill.

Food, Bedding & Belonging:
We supply raised cot style "Kuranda" beds for all our canine guests. If you would like to bring your pet’s favorite blanket or toy, we would be happy to have them or you can buy a new one here in our boutique. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the condition upon return. Quality adult dry food is offered for all guests. Any owner, not wishing to change their pet’s diet, is welcome to bring their own.

Any guest showing signs of illness or injury will be taken to the Veterinarian office listed on the guest profile. Every effort will be made to contact you concerning your pet’s condition. If an emergency arises, all guests will be taken to the closest emergency care center.